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About Not Scared

Not Scared Racing And Fabrication (est. 2018) is part online steel custom automotive accessories, part Fabrication Tooling Store and also a Race Fabrication workshop located in Perth, Western Australia. Run by Frankie (fabricator, creator and man on the ground) and Sarah (admin and all round legend) Steels- Francis.

Not Scared Racing And Fabrication started out in 2018 when Frankie converted his Cefiro drift car from an RB25 engine to an Aussie Ford Barra engine which at the time was not very common. There wasn't a lot of aftermarket support for the engine at the time and as he was broke af after the conversion, he decided to start making his own parts. Since then he's done the same to his current drift spec Nissan 350z. Not Scared Racing is named after Frankie's drifting style but Sarah is still heaps scared every time he goes on the track. 

In 2022 Frankie opened the race fabrication workshop full time in the Perth Hills after 17 years as an Automotive Vehicle Repairer and has been creating roll cages, custom bash bars, custom rear ends, fixing race damage and pretty much anything car related since.