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What's the difference between Stainless Steel and Cold Rolled Steel?

The Stainless Steel we use is grade 316. It's more durable, deals with heat better, has good anti-corrosive properties and also it's shiny af with a brushed finish. Who doesn't want shiny on their car?!

Cold Rolled Steel is cheaper to manufacture but it will need to be painted to stop any corrosion, so it's perfect if you want to customise the cover even further by painting it. We've seen some awesome painted covers! We give you the cover oiled so that it doesn't rust in the mean time.

How long will it take until I get my item?

All of our items are made to order so it will take approximately 10 working days for us to design it, send it for cutting, receive it and put it all together. When we post via Australia Post, we'll send you a tracking number. 

I want a customised item, what do I do?

Each item that can be customised will be listed in the 'All Products tab' with the engine type and/or product name and then will say 'Custom Design' at the end. Click the item and select in the drop down menus what intake (if relevant), what material and then whether you want just lettering added, an image/logo or both. We even have an option for blank covers and brackets. 

You then add to Cart. In the Cart, there is a box that says 'Add details of your Custom Design here!'. Write a description of what you are after and complete Check Out. We'll email you and let you know if it's possible to do and then Frankie will design a proof of the item for you to approve before we send it off for cutting. If you aren't happy after a few proofs, we'll refund your money. Easy!

Otherwise just email or Facebook/Instagram message us before you Check Out so we can see if it's doable.

What type of images and fonts can you use for custom items?

We can use fonts that are more of a block style as they'll need break lines to be put it so the letters don't fall through (on A, Q, R, O, P, A, D, B etc) and to make them legible. Find a free font on Microsoft Word or on a free font website like www.dafont.com and specify it in the message box in the Cart titled 'Add details of your Custom Design here!'. I'll let you know if it's doable. The default font is Tahoma as per the 'Barra Is Life' font. 

We can do simple images such as a number plate, turbo, Barra engine (as per 'Barrage' and 'Barra The World') as well as Ford logo's like FPV, XR, the Old Style Barra Fish and the regular Ford Logo. Head over to our Facebook or Instagram to see some examples of Custom Designs we've done for customers.

The Coil Covers are metal, won't that get hot?

I was using my Stainless 'Jim's Barra Swaps' cover for 3 years on my FG Barra Swapped Cefiro Drift car and that thing went hard and got super hot. I've never had a problem with the coils getting too hot or being damaged at all. Before that cover, I had the Cold Rolled Steel 'Barrage' cover for 6 months and it was perfect too. It heated up a little more than Stainless but still safe. I now have a custom Not Scared Racing Stainless Cover on my Barra in the 350Z since putting it in and it's perfect. I've also not had anyone come back and have issues with heat in the 5 years plus that I've been selling them.

How do the Coil Covers fit on my engine?

The Not Scared Racing Coil Covers are designed to replace the original plastic coil cover. For BA/BF engines, you need to keep the original seal from the old cover for the new Not Scared Racing one to sit on top of, and then you bolt it on with our included handy bolt kits. Otherwise the FG model uses spacers (which we include!) We've got instructions in there if you need them.

I've got a BA/BF Barra with a Non-Standard intake kit, which cover is best?

If you've got a BA/BF engine with an intake where the throttle body is off the top of the engine and there is clearance between the side of the valve cover and the intake, you can use either a Standard Intake BA/BF cover or a Non-Standard (filled in) BA/BF cover. There are examples of the filled in and regular style in the photos of all the BA/BF Coil Covers in the 'All Products' section. Just select the correct intake type (Standard or Non-Standard) and material choice in the drop down menus of the item you want. Please double check your engine and intake clearances before ordering because we can't refund your order once it's placed.

How to I keep my Stainless Steel looking sexy?

Easy! Go to Woolies and grab some Stainless Steel wipes and wipe over it every now and then. It puts an oiled coating over it which protects the Stainless and keeps those finger prints at bay.

Where do you ship to?

At this stage Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA. Postage is muchos expensive and pretty tricky to work out for the others. If you're not from these countries and really want one of our products, send us an email or message and we can get a quote for postage to your location.

Do you make anything else?

What haven't we made is the question. Now we have a custom fabrication workshop we make and install custom parts for race cars. But we've also made non-car related things such as letter box cover plates and address plaques before, as well as metal stencils and signs for businesses and some decorative screens. We've also made custom stainless steel benches and shelves. Send us through a Facebook message or email with what you're after and we'll see if we can do it for you.