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50mm x 1800mm belt (2" x 72")
Not Scared Fabrication 'Vertigo' Belt Grinder Frame
Not Scared Fabrication 'Vertigo' Belt Grinder Frame
50mm x 1200mm belt (2" x 48")
Not Scared Fabrication 'Vertigo' Belt Grinder Frame
75mm x 2000mm belt (3" x 78")

Not Scared Fabrication 'Vertigo' Belt Grinder Frame

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**Frame only (as per second photo)**
  • Unique design with a telescoping head and movable tracking hinge allows belt size range from 2000mm (78") down to 1220mm (48") and everything in between as well as supporting 6" drive wheel up to 10"
  • Ideal for fabricators who are limited on space and belt availability. 
  • Made from 10mm thick steel plate so built to last, sturdy and lessens vibration 
  • Table Rest is adjustable
  • Has 50x50 welding table fixture holes in the Table Rest for quick angle aligning (great for mitre cutting 45 degree angles)
  • Simple assembly with minimal welding
  • Detailed PDF instructions supplied (Will be emailed on purchase or request) 
  • All frame assembly hardware included as per photo
  • Metric machine (uses metric steel and metric B14 motor) Versatile machine and can be adapted for various uses (knife making, black smithing, general metal fabrication)
  • Unique design by Andrew Francis, workshop talking point
  • Comes flatpack